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Many companies struggle to achieve their new business sales goals. It's because their sales people are prospecting and selling to people at the wrong level (who can't say "yes" but can say "no").  Frustrated Executives and Sales Leaders who are looking for fresh ideas to drive transformational sales growth don't know who to turn to - as 'Mainstream' sales approaches fail to arm inside sales, field sales and sales leaders with the Mindset, Skills and Tools to get engagement with senior decision making executives. 

Your peers choose to work with me because their sales people are able to get meetings with senior decision makers, from CEO down, in minutes, hours or days and have business conversations that executives value and appreciate - so they win more, bigger deals, in far less time. 


No matter how good your products, services or solutions are - if your sales people can't get meetings and have business conversations with senior decision-making executives who have the authority to say "yes", you will struggle to achieve your revenue growth goals.

Sales experts and research firms agree. Your sales peoples inability to get appointments with senior executives and execute value creating business conversations are the 2 greatest inhibitors of exponential growth for most companies. Your revenue is at risk. Simple as that.

The reason WHY most sales people don't or can't get meetings with decision making executives

Think back to the time when you were a sales person.

Were you ever taught how to WRITE letters, emails (and now LinkedIn Inmails) to attract the attention of senior executives at your prospective accounts and compel them to want to meet with you?

Or, were you given some product or service on-boarding, some generic product marketing info and then left to figure it out yourself...?

In the absence of highly specific messages that speak to the value that executives want and need, your sales people will send out bland, "me too" feature and benefit messaging to mid ranking executives at your target accounts...whose motivation is to maintain the status quo.

At best your sales people will be pulled into a feature and price bake off with multiple competitors that may well end up in 'no decision.' A lot of time and resources wasted.

The reason WHY most sales people don't have business conversations with senior executives

Most sales people struggle to have business conversations because they’re not clear on what the purpose of sales is.

They think (their leadership may think this to) that sales is about selling their product, service or solution. It isn’t - that’s just an outcome.

The purpose of sales is to improve your client’s or customer’s business and personal condition by introducing change (your product, service, solution).

To do that, your sales people need to understand the results the client/customer get currently and if there is a ‘case for change’ - will the customer/client get significant and measurable improvements changing their current process or behavior?

Most salespeople can’t or don’t have these conversations because leadership haven’t made explicit what sales really is - and because they’re trained to have product, service and solution sales conversations. Senior executives don’t listen to these sales pitches.

So, salespeople spend their time with mid-level executives…and that’s why your sales cycles are long and win rates aren’t where you want them to be.

Are you ready to adopt an approach that works?

How to instantly reach the top executives in any company...those with the power to say “Yes”.

There is a faster and more effective way of getting "executive access" at your target prospective accounts to speed up your sales cycles and improve your sales results.

Hire an expert.

Someone who's spent over two decades, honing their craft, writing powerful, provocative, insightful, attention getting "executive access" messages.

Written messages that compel senior executives - from Chairman, CEOs, Presidents, Managing Directors, EVPs, SVPs at fast growth and at the world's most admired companies - to accept requests for calls or meetings, or referring sales people to decision making executives in their organization.

In minutes, hours or days...not weeks, months or never.

An expert who can coach your sales people how to have the business conversations that senior decision makers want and appreciate when they do get the meeting.

So, your sales people sound and behave differently to your competition.

Which means you will win more, bigger deals, faster, with less pressure on price. And you can stop worrying about sales.

Schedule a discovery call and we'll explore how you can help your sales team to get "executive access" fast.

Much, much faster than they do currently...


"Matt is a master communicator with a talent for showing others how to gain access and build trust with C level executives. If you need to get access to senior decision makers fast, you need Matt as your sales team’s wingman and mentor.”

Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power Magazine


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Executives and Sales leaders know that having ongoing access to an expert new business 'wing man' to help them and their sales people learn new skills, moves deals through the pipeline faster and makes all the difference between missing and making your number.

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A well written message that consistently compels C level decision makers to speak with your sales people will transform your sales teams win rates, dramatically shorten sales cycles and significantly accelerate growth.

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Unique, counterintuitive, highly interactive and engaging workshops focused on increasing the personal & professional Awareness, Mindset, Behaviours and Skills of salespeople that result in immediate improvement of new business sales results.

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