Two Killer Strategies to Tighten Up Your Value Proposition

When I talk to CEOs, sales leaders and their teams I’m often struck by how hard they work at articulating a strong value proposition.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts most of them default to a list of “we cans” or “we wills.”

But that’s not a customer focused value proposition. That’s simply a restatement of what you find valuable – also not helpful in the sales process.

So how do you create and tighten your value proposition so that potential customers recognize they NEED to buy from you?

Well there are two strategies that are guaranteed to show results.

The first is what marketing guru Perry Marshall calls the “bleeding neck” approach.

Simply put, this is identifying a problem that is so painful and urgent that it needs to be addressed immediately and your potential customer will pay to solve it now – not 6 months from now.

The second is to identify a problem that is costing a CEO or executive money that they don’t know about – but really should.

This strategy is a fantastic way to demonstrate your understanding of their business and burnish your reputation and expertise as a trusted advisor.

By using either (or both) of these approaches you will create a customer centred value proposition that will help your sales people collect more wins and achieve better results.
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