Helping new business sales people to dramatically accelerate and improve sales results…

I realized Matthew was going to be an exceptional business partner.  After carefully listening and understanding our needs, Matthew crafted an approach that is delivering strong results.

— Mark Segot, Former SVP Sales, Fairmont Raffles Swissotel

There are 3 things that negatively impact your sales growth. Your salespeople’s;

  1. Awareness of their mindset, thoughts, behaviour and language – and how these impact their sales success
  2. Ability to prospect effectively and fill their pipeline with quality opportunities with decision making executives
  3. Communication and business conversation skills to convert those opportunities into wins quickly

These counterintuitive, highly interactive and engaging workshops and talks focus on increasing the personal and professional Awareness, Mindset, Behaviours and Skills of salespeople that result in immediate improvement of new business sales results.

There are no other workshops/talks like this on the market. They are unique. The workshops are for progressive, open minded executives, sales leaders and their teams who’re struggling to grow sales at the trajectory & velocity they want and need, or who want to sharpen already strong skills and take their performance to the next level.

“The team was impressed by the training and felt it to be very practical and applicable.”

Sean Harris, Director, Sales Effectiveness, Purolator

“If you are ever looking for someone to work on your sales team’s mindset, call Matt. I can honestly say he was the best sales mindset “fixer” that I’ve ever heard.”

Clarissa Schealer, Sales Manager, Listrak