Uncommon Advice


…that dramatically accelerates new business sales growth

“Retain Matt as your Strategic Thinking Partner – Coach and Mentor to your Sales Leaders and Sales People if you want hockey stick growth. Matt always provides unique and uncommon advice on how to dramatically accelerate growth –  advice that you won’t find amongst the mainstream herd of sales experts. Matt’s engagements with me, my sales leaders, inside sales, field sales and account management functions have always yielded immediate results on our journey from $10M to $60M.

Ross Kramer, CEO, Listrak

  • Are your numbers at risk because your sales people don’t have enough “@bats” and quality opportunities in the pipeline?  Do you need to drive a significant % increase in new business growth within a short period (30 – 60 days)
  • Do your sales people sound just like everyone else? – Do they pitch or demo too quickly and get forced into price discussions too early?
  • Are your sales people failing to define customer value and jumping to the proposal phase too soon? – Are they unable to guide the customer with a business case that delivers a personal win?
  • Are your sales people talking to the person who can say “yes?” – Are they spinning their wheels talking with mid level influencers who can’t push deals through
  • Maybe your sales results are good… Good is not the same a great. Are you looking to give your sales people a competitive edge that drives even more business?