Sales Leaders! Are YOUR Limiting Beliefs Affecting Your Sales Team?

Sales Leaders! Are YOUR Limiting Beliefs Affecting Your Sales Team?

You may have heard from me before that “words have power”.

So do the stories that you tell yourself habitually.

Recently, I worked with a sales leader and his team on a project to improve their positioning and messaging so that they sounded and acted in a competitively distinct manner to their competition.

During my discovery work with the leader and in the workshop, I heard him say that he was “no good at writing”.

When you hear people repeat a phrase like that more than once, it’s a signal that they hold a deep-seated belief that this is true for them – their reality.

These beliefs can either be disempowering or empowering.

In this case, his belief was disempowering him – and more importantly, it was disempowering his salespeople too, because his reluctance to write (messaging) meant that they didn’t have anything to model. They simply didn’t know what good looked like (without hearing him articulate the message on a regular basis, which isn’t always possible in a remotely distributed salesforce).

Awareness breeds choices and choices drive different behaviors and outcomes.

He came to this conclusion through a series of questions:

  • When I asked him where he picked up his belief that he couldn’t write, he shared his story with me.
  • I then asked him if this story was really true and could he think of a time or instance when his writing got the result he wanted and needed. He could.
  • I then asked if he thought this story and belief empowered or disempowered him. He agreed that this belief had been disempowering him.
  • What about his team? Yes, he could see how that would stop him from giving the coaching and guidance that his team needed to maximize their success, too.

He clearly saw the ripple effect of this disempowering belief.

And boy did he change!

During the workshop, he produced crisp, clear and competitively distinct messaging examples that passed the ‘thumbs up, thumbs down’ test of the rest of the sales team. In fact, their heads started nodding up and down, and they exchanged impressed glances between each other as he was reading the new hypothesis based prospecting message that he had built in an exercise.
His credibility as a leader immediately went up. You could feel the energy change in the room and the confidence and excitement of the team were palpable.

What limiting beliefs or stories do you tell yourself regularly that, if you become aware of them now, would allow you to get greater success and happiness? How would that ripple effect impact your sales team or colleagues?

Do you have beliefs about yourself that are affecting your sales team? If you’ve been trying to overcome them for more than 30 days without success, that is a clear indication you need help. Give me a call.

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