Let’s Talk About Gatekeepers

CEOs and sales leaders, how often do you find yourself or your sales people talking about gatekeepers?

Do you realize that just using the term may be hurting your organization’s ability to generate new business?

Whenever a salesperson has a mindset where they think about an EA or secretary as an adversary and treat them as such – they are making a big mistake.

If you treat an EA or secretary as an obstacle to get around, how do you think they are going to act? They are going to be exactly who you expect them to be – a gatekeeper.

However if you can get your salespeople to shift their thinking so that they view so-called gatekeepers as having the potential to become their greatest asset on the inside, it becomes a new experience for everyone. 

When sales people approach these folks as potential allies who are actually there to help them navigate the business they want to do, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your new business acquisition. 

When I speak to leaders I listen very closely to the language they use to describe customers. How you use language to describe customers shapes how your sales people treat them – and how they see you in return.

When I coach senior sales leaders and hear the term gatekeeper it immediately sets off alarm bells, as it means they aren’t going in with the right mindset and it will trickle down to their salespeople.

If sales people are too aggressive or try to push past someone in order to reach their prospective customer they are picking an unnecessary fight with someone who could really help them out. 

As a sales leader it’s up to you to eliminate the term gatekeeper from your sales team’s lexicon. It will help your sales people see EAs, secretaries and others as an important part of the sales process and not a roadblock. 

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