If you want to sell more, faster – stop trying to sell your value

Here’s something you won’t read anywhere else – if you want your sales team to sell more and sell faster tell them to STOP selling value.

When I speak to CEOs and sales leaders I consistently hear the same thing “our sales people have got to get better at selling value. They just don’t sell the value of our solutions.” 

But the value of your solutions has to match the expected outcomes your customers want or need. And the only way you can discover this is to find out what it is THEY define as value. What THEY believe constitutes value. It’s all about their beliefs.

It’s a question of sequence. You can only sell your own value when you understand what your customer values and believes. And your customer’s definition of value is shaped by what they perceive as their:

  • Challenges
  • Objectives
  • Strengths
  • Risks

Your sales people simply can’t sell the value of your solution until they understand these factors. In fact, if you as a leader are telling them to sell value without emphasizing good discovery first, you are inadvertently sabotaging your own sales results.

Only once you’ve discovered their beliefs can you match your solutions to your customers’ needs. 

Think of this as the golden rule of sales conversations and how to boost sales and get more wins.

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If you want to learn more, feel free to email me at matt@matthewconway.com or call me on +1 647-402-2096.
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