How to Increase Sales Success in 2 Steps

How to Increase Sales Success in 2 Steps

If you’re struggling to sell in the sales/martech landscape, you’re not alone. But if you don’t take deliberate and massive action to hold and gain more ground in this industry, you won’t be around for much longer.

Many previously successful sales leaders and salespeople are struggling to sell in a fiercely competitive market characterized by heavy discounting by incumbents, companies big enough to buy share and new entrants with exciting new offerings. And potential customers who are not responding to prospecting messages.

The activity that used to work a few years ago is simply not paying off for many salespeople – they simply aren’t hearing back and meeting with the people who used to buy their services. No response at all. Crickets. This makes for a demoralized new business sales team.

Customers too are stressed. They now face the agony of too much vendor choice (who all sound the same) and can be risk averse because they don’t want to make a wrong decision, so sales cycles are long and often end in no decision (they stay with their existing provider).

And yet, some salespeople are being VERY successful despite the headwind. I know. I’ve trained and coached some of them.

Here’s what new business salespeople who have already exceeded their yearly quota are doing differently.

1. They take ownership of their prospecting. They schedule prospecting time every day. It becomes a habit. They set their own appointments/meetings with their top ‘must win’ accounts. They don’t rely on meetings generated by SDRs or inbound marketing efforts. They view these as bonuses. It’s a success mindset – and they manifest their own success from the ether.

2. They prospect to and have business conversations with senior decision makers – not sales conversations with mid-level executives. Yes, they sell solutions/products, but they don’t start their conversations at the solution/service level. They steer the conversation away from these towards the company’s and individual’s business objectives – what they want to achieve and what is getting in the way and what the $ value of achieving that would be. The great ones uncover the Personal Win. Only when they have guided the customer to share a case for change and have the potential customer’s own business case do they propose their solution (if they truly believe it is a fit).

Success in this competitive space is about HOW you prospect and sell vs. WHAT you sell. Salespeople who are exceeding quota have a mindset focused on improving the customer’s business and personal condition – not selling SaaS and hitting quota (although that is an outcome they achieve in the process).

So, if your new business salespeople aren’t hearing back from prospects, are struggling to fill their pipeline with enough quality opportunities or are missing their quota, let’s talk. I have some ideas for you.

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