Does your sales team engage in “Random Acts of Prospecting?”

CEOs and Sales Leaders what are you doing to make sure that prospecting is a team sport in your company, involving all your reps, and not just a few who do it whenever they “feel” like it?

Working with organizations around the world I see this over and over again. Indeed, I like to refer to this lack of process around finding new business as random acts of prospecting.

Successful sales leaders make sure there is an internal discipline and cadence to prospecting that drives regular, sustainable results.  

In my experience, most sales organizations that experience lumpy up and down revenue or a spikey sales pipeline don’t have the internal discipline to have everyone prospecting at the same time.

That’s why you have some people who are very very good at prospecting and others who struggle because they only do it when they remember or “feel” like doing it.

When you make prospecting a regular and mandatory exercise across your sales team – YOU WILL SEE RESULTS.

So your action item for today is to find what out what it is your sales managers are doing to make sure your sales people are prospecting as part of their jobs on a regular basis. 

If they aren’t then you better get used to a lumpy pipeline and inconsistent results.

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