CEOs and Sales Leaders: Are your BDRs/SDRs becoming less effective?

In his article Martin E. Stevens raises the question if the SDR/BDR funstion has had it’s day.

SDR’s have, arguably, had their day. Buyers are becoming increasingly immune to their mass market, un-personalised (or barely semi-personalised) outreach. If they do engage a prospect, there are complaints about a lack of business acumen (SDR’s have mostly morphed into a low paying entry level sales positions) and poor narrative where an SDR is only comfortable talking about themselves and their own products. Meanwhile management are beginning to complain that SDR’s are driving up the cost of customer acquisition rather than decreasing it…

A client of mine decided to tackle this issue head on – move away from semi-personalised seller focused messaging to outcome and customer focused business messaging to get meetings with or referrals from C level executives (that raised the business acumen of SDRs at the same time). Look at the difference in opportunities and pipeline created!

Show Rate (18.6% increase)

• Q1: 72%

• Q2: 85%

Appointments Set (2.4% increase)

• Q1: 250

• Q2: 256

Opportunities Created from Set Appointments (94.34% increase)

• Q1: 53

• Q2: 103

Pipeline (166.67% increase)

• Q1: $2.4 Million

• Q2: $6.4 Million

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