If you want to eliminate a lot of stress from your sales job try doing this…

It all starts with you. Everything.

There are some things you can control and some things you can’t.

One of the things you can control is how you use language to frame a situation. The right words can affect, not only how you feel, but also influence the way others see you as a professional.

Drowning? Slammed? Be Mindful of your language…it affects your wellbeing and productivity.

Here is a little story and tip for operating at peak performance, reducing stress and feeling good.

I recently received an email back from a former client of mine after I congratulated him on his new role and suggested we arrange a call to share our “what’s new” news together. Here is his reply.

“Hi Matt,

I am about 1.5 months into the role at the moment and a tad over indexed. Give me a month to get my feet under me and we can catch up then. Hope you are well man!”

“Over indexed.” What a wonderful use of emotionally de-escalating language!

Many people unconsciously use words that increase their anxiety and stress levels. They say things like they are “slammed,” “drowning” or “grinding away.” Phrases like this give off a negative vibe to anyone who hears them and also impacts productivity and happiness.

If you say something enough you actually internalize it until it  becomes your reality.

Be mindful of the words you habitually use to describe your state.

Are you “furious” or a bit “peeved”?

“Frustrated” or “fascinated”?

“Starving” or “peckish”?

Likewise, you can tweak positive emotions up.

Are you “happy” or “overjoyed”?

See what I mean?

The words you use, just as how you hold your body (for another day), can dramatically alter your emotional state and how you project yourself to others. In sales this is especially important!

So choose your words carefully.

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