Does your sales team engage in “Random Acts of Prospecting?”

CEOs and Sales Leaders what are you doing to make sure that prospecting is a team sport in your company, involving all your reps, and not just a few who do it whenever they “feel” like it?

Working with organizations around the world I see this over and over again. Indeed, I like to refer to this lack of process around finding new business as random acts of prospecting.

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Two Killer Strategies to Tighten Up Your Value Proposition

When I talk to CEOs, sales leaders and their teams I’m often struck by how hard they work at articulating a strong value proposition.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts most of them default to a list of “we cans” or “we wills.”

But that’s not a customer focused value proposition. That’s simply a restatement of what you find valuable – also not helpful in the sales process.

So how do you create and tighten your value proposition so that potential customers recognize they NEED to buy from you?

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