“Matt engaged with the team across multiple calls, he reviewed our current email templates, he interviewed the team and me and came up with a series of communications & basic changes to our practice. His methods applied to our communication and sales practice generated $2.7M in closed business within the first 60 days and we continue to benefit from the engagement.  ROI was immediate and lucrative and I highly recommend Matt!” – Matthew des Tombe, Director Business Development, Merchant Financing, American Express

Using Matt’s methods the first week, I secured a meeting with a hard to reach client in 26 minutes and had a meaningful pitch to another client I was trying to engage for 18 months! I highly recommend Matt to evaluate how you are selling as his methods have worked for me.” – Senior Manager, Business Development

“I brought Matt in to work with my team of Client Partners to change their mindset around prospecting and access to the C Suite when prospecting. After 2 days with Matt the team had a paradigm shift and it worked like magic. They started getting access to the C Suite and scheduling Face to Face meetings within a few days from the training and in record time. I would recommend Matt to any team who has been trying to change their mindset around prospecting.” – Mohammed Abdelhay, General Manager, FranklinCovey Middle East

“Have been trying with front liners at a major oil company for a while now with no results. Following Matt’s new messaging approach I got a referral to the right person in 7 minutes– Inside Business Partner

I spent 2 years with one of my prospects without any response using the old mindset of approaching mid-level managers. After a session with Matt the result was amazing, a CEO meeting in 9 hours after one email with no follow up.– Client Partner

“Matt worked with me and my team to define our approach and proposition to leading retailers, a strategic segment for us. Within hours of executing the strategy and approach that Matt had consulted on, my team had received replies from several CEO’s of these leading retailers thanking us for contacting them and introductions to the people we needed to meet with. What may have normally taken weeks and months was achieved in a matter of hours and days because of Matt’s mentoring. If you need to get into strategic accounts fast, I recommend you give Matt a call.” – Managing Partner

“Thanks again for a great session. I can’t stop saying that we should have learned this at University! The open rates increased for each of our campaigns, taking them to an average of 18-20% instead of 12-15% and improved the registration numbers to our events. Thanks a lot for that! I am sure some of your magic positive power helped us too.” – Suzanne Halal, Marketing Director

“Your “Jedi email” coaching has been some of the most beneficial advice we have received and my team has experienced immediate results.” – Heather Ongley, Regional Sales Manager

“I highly recommend Matt to anyone who is looking to accelerate their go to market efforts at must win accounts.– Jeff Green, VP Sales

“Hire Matt as your sales advisor if you’re looking to improve and accelerate new business sales growth. He is an excellent sounding board on all matters go-to-market strategy and new business sales. He quickly dissects for root cause issues that negatively impact sales performance and provides unique and counterintuitive insights, advice and recommendations that provide immediate improvements for leadership, team and individual salespeople.” – Rick Makos, CEO

Matt is a wonderful and gracious coach who takes time to listen and identify underlying issues before making recommendations. By bringing his expertise and experience from working with many organizations, he was able to help us identify core issues and make difficult decisions when building out our sales department. If you’re looking to build or grow your sales team, learn unique and impactful ways to connect with CEO’s and buyers, I would highly recommend working with Matt.” Mike Canarelli, CEO

“Retain Matt as your Strategic Thinking Partner – Coach and Mentor to your Sales Leaders and Sales People if you want hockey stick growth. Matt always provides unique and uncommon advice on how to dramatically accelerate growth –  advice that you won’t find amongst the mainstream herd of sales experts. Matt’s engagements with me, my sales leaders, inside sales, field sales and account management functions have always yielded immediate results on our journey from $10M to $60M.” Ross Kramer, CEO, Listrak

“During my 7 year sales career I’ve had the opportunity to personally work with Matt Conway and several other sales consultants and coaches. Matt Conway is by far the best. Matt’s ability to dissect all the blind spots in communication/the sales process is second to none. Working with Matt has allowed me to know without a shadow of a doubt I’ll exceed quota every single year. I can promise after one session with Matt you will have several “ah ha” moments, and realize the leg up you can develop over the competition in any consultative sales process. Brixton Albert, Sales Manager

“Working with Matt was a pure joy. The excitement and passion he brought to our team excited every one of us. Matt came well prepared with relevant solutions. Without a doubt, we will use Matt again and I have no reservations in recommending him to any company.” – Chief Operating Officer

“By tweaking wording, focusing on the big picture and putting together a strategy to reach target accounts, [Matt’s] help has provided results right out of the gate. My first CEO response was under one minute after sending our message! – Nate Lawrence, SDR

“I employed [Matt’s] suggestions after receiving his valuable training and literally within 2 hours of sending out a well thought email, I set an appointment! Matt is an amazing resource and I highly recommend him.” – Amanda Fleck, Associate Sales Manager

“Matt came in and my confidence, my appointments, and my quality of work went from 0-100 in less than 24 hours. In just a week after I started Matt’s techniques I was able to set multiple appointments with C-level executives as well as receive referrals from the boss! I was seeing replies from CEO’s in less than 24 hours just by adding personal touches, 3rd party proof! Myself and my team have seen an immense increase in the quality of our appointments and we cannot wait until Matt comes back. I would recommend Matt to any team looking for better results!” – Lauren Mihalik, Sales Development Representative

“Here at Listrak we just spent a week with a fantastic speaker, Matt Conway. If you are ever looking for someone to work on your sales team’s mindset, call Matt. I can honestly say he was the best sales trainer/mindset “fixer” that I’ve ever heard.” – Clarissa Schealer, Sales Manager

“Matt spent ONE day with the team.  The very next day the team set 12 appointments all VP to C level. The more they practiced what he taught them, the better they did. We now set appointments at higher levels AND hit our appointment goal.  It’s awesome.  We also started setting what we call “whale” appointments. Prior to working with him we never would’ve had a shot at the right level.” Lisa-Marie Stonaha, Director of Sales Learning and Development

“An hour into our first meeting, I realized Matthew was going to be an exceptional business partner. After carefully listening and understanding our needs, Matthew crafted an approach that is delivering strong results.” – Mark Sergot, Senior Vice President of Sales

“Highly recommended to anyone looking for immediate impact. Definitely the best sales coach I’ve worked with in a long time. I recommend anyone who is looking to improve their sales game to reach out to Matt.” Tim Edwards, VP Sales

“Very well done. The team have had good success with the P&C messaging campaign and reusing the same approach in the Life Insurance space.” Rick Makos, CEO

“Matt is brilliant in 3 categories: strategy, messaging, sales. He is brilliant at how to gain executive access and how to sell big deals. He is brilliant at message development and understanding the needs of customers. He is brilliant at coaching both sales and non-sales people on how to be more effective at prospecting and selling.Jeremy Miller, CEO

“Matthew is a true professional, with great skills and a keen sense of the true meaning of helping clients succeed. His skills are absolutely captivating, real, and enjoyable. If you are looking for an individual who will deliver what you ask for then I highly recommend you give Matthew a call.” – Senior Vice President of Sales

“Matthew’s recent session for School Space Media was spot-on. Within a few days we were seeing results. Matt has helped us improve our team’s effectiveness & efficiency.” – President

“Thank you very much Matt, the time we spent with you was very helpful indeed. Thanks for summarizing where we are so clearly.David Lapin, CEO

“Getting the attention of an executive has always been one of the most challenging parts of business development for me. I worked with Matt to put together a very targeted and powerful email that was intended to stir the interest of my C-level prospects. Incredibly, the email has yielded a 50% response rate and in a couple of situations, I was on the phone the next day with prospects I had struggled to reach in the past! I can’t recommend Matt enough. The process that walks you through is guaranteed to result in emails that yield results.” – Managing Partner

“I got a meeting with the SVP of a $1.6B company in 9 minutes… I still use a lot of your thoughts and ideas, and I’ve found out that I have almost double the amount of closed business as the next BDR at Packsize… ever.” – Cody Cluff, Business Development Associate

“Working with Matt has been nothing short of spectacular for my teams as well as me personally… . Coaching/Mentoring individuals on the team is even more impressive and has reaped benefits from team members I could have only hoped for.” – Lewis Fike, Sales Director at DynamicAction

Matt is one of the most successful and accomplished Sales gurus I have ever worked with…with his Prospecting techniques specifically, I now have over an 80% success rate at getting to the CEO and other key stakeholders in any industry.”  – Mark Kalyta, Managing Director

I sent out two letters that Matt wrote to two CEOs, and got two meetings with the CIOs of those companies. To date those two letters have netted me in excess of $400,000. I would recommend Matt to any organisation who wants to engage at a more senior level at target prospects.” – Nadim Antar, Global Accounts Director