Two Killer Strategies to Tighten Up Your Value Proposition

When I talk to CEOs, sales leaders and their teams I’m often struck by how hard they work at articulating a strong value proposition.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts most of them default to a list of “we cans” or “we wills.”

But that’s not a customer focused value proposition. That’s simply a restatement of what you find valuable – also not helpful in the sales process.

So how do you create and tighten your value proposition so that potential customers recognize they NEED to buy from you?

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Let’s Talk About Gatekeepers

CEOs and sales leaders, how often do you find yourself or your sales people talking about gatekeepers?

Do you realize that just using the term may be hurting your organization’s ability to generate new business?

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If you want to sell more, faster – stop trying to sell your value

Here’s something you won’t read anywhere else – if you want your sales team to sell more and sell faster tell them to STOP selling value.

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If your sales managers and sales enablement folks don’t know how to have proper BUSINESS conversations, how can they teach your sales people?!

Chief Sales Officers! You want your salespeople to sell value – when most of your sales managers can’t execute the basic business conversations you need. 

A few weeks back I shared how most sales organizations struggle to sell “value.” 

That’s because most salespeople don’t know what “value” means (it’s never been defined to them) or how to uncover what value means to their customers (most important). 

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