CEOs of fast growth and Sales Leaders of large enterprises! 7 ways to make your sales presentations more persuasive.

If your salespeople use presentations to sell your product/solution/service, then please read this, because you’ll hit your number faster.

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Sales leaders! What % of your 1st calls/meetings result in 2nd conversation?

If you don’t measure this, may I gently suggest that you should at least take a look at your metrics to see how your team is doing. At most, you could start checking this metric weekly as a lead indicator of pipeline health…

According to research 58% of buyers are disappointed by their meetings with sales people and only 7% agree to a follow up.

That means that most of the time, effort and hard work to get those meetings is wasted.

It also means that your sales people don’t know how to successfully guide a first call with a new customer.

What’s that costing you and your business?

What difference would it make if you could raise the 2nd meeting rate to 10%, 25%, 50% or higher? Even a 1% increase would make a tremendous difference if you have a large sales team.

Have you, as a leader, made a conscious effort to ensure that your sales people know what to do and how to do it in that critical first meeting and call?

Do you know what are the elements and behaviours (lead indicators) that sales people MUST execute to ensure they don’t become part of the sad statistic above?

In my experience, most sales organizations don’t know what these lead indicators are and they haven’t made a conscious effort to enable reps with the planning and conversational skills to execute that first meeting well and successfully…so that it results in another.

If you’d like some ideas on what these lead indicators are for others and what they might be for your sales organization, then get in contact.

And, if you’ve found this article helpful and thought provoking, then please share it with a friend who will find it helpful, or share it on social media.

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The three things keeping CEOs and Sales Leaders up at Night

I’m constantly speaking to CEOs and sales leaders from across the world about their growth challenges and objectives – sharing ideas and insights that dramatically accelerate their and their team’s success. I love it. Totally rewarding.

And, what’s really interesting is how often these conversations are repeated…whether they happen with potential clients in London, Toronto or San Francisco.

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If you want to eliminate a lot of stress from your sales job try doing this…

It all starts with you. Everything.

There are some things you can control and some things you can’t.

One of the things you can control is how you use language to frame a situation. The right words can affect, not only how you feel, but also influence the way others see you as a professional.

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Chief Sales Officers! You want your salespeople to sell value – and yet…

The people designing your sales curriculum and approach have never had and can’t execute the business conversations you need.

EVERY sales leader I speak with wants his or her sales force to sell “value.”

It’s become one of those overused words that’s  meaning has been lost in time to corporate and sales guru buzzword bingo.

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Inconsistent prospecting and sales results

If your organization is getting insufficient sales results, it’s generally for one of two reasons.

The first is a lack of clarity. Many sales people just aren’t clear on the purpose of sales (why they do it).

Is it just to sell stuff? Meet an arbitrary quota? Crush their number? Make commissions?

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