Do you ‘weewee’​ on your prospects?

” We help companies to…”

” We help our customers to…”

” I help my clients to…”

Interested to see how many of you have been taught value proposition and message development like the examples above?

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Buying Personas: Are they responsible for poor sales results?

I’m reposting these stats again as they make for sobering reading.

  • 58% of sales opportunities end in “no decision” – Sales Benchmark Index
  • Only 54% of sales people made quota in 2015 – CSO Insghts
  • Only 46.3% of forecasted deals closed in 2015 – Rob Jeppsen
  • 22% increase in average sales cycle in last 5 years – Dave Borrelli, Salesforce

Could buying personas be partially responsible for declining sales performance?

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