Need net new sales, from NICHE customers?

In conversations everyday with sales, marketing and sales operations leaders, I hear how many of you struggle to isolate your Ideal Customers using existing industry classification codes and other data sources. This is especially true for those of you who sell to NICHE markets like granite fabricators, vapor barrier manufacturers, copper busbar producers or buyers, Cloud, wind turbines, credit unions, 3D printing etc. The list is endless.

That’s because traditional methods of gathering and classifying companies into industries cannot keep up with the pace and proliferation of business today – especially in newer industries.

And there is now an alternative method of more accurately identifying your sweet spot customers.

Advances in AI (artificial intelligence) now mean that you don’t need to segment your markets using broad, often out of date and often inaccurate industry classifications.

Instead you can now isolate more of your ideal customers by the keywords that THEY use to describe their business.





Want to isolate all “yoga pants” manufacturers or retailers in a specific geo, revenue range or with an employee range. DONE! In about 5 seconds.

Want to identify all the CIO’s, VP’s of marketing, or Directors of Supply Chain at these “Yoga Pants” companies. Another 5 to 10 seconds.

Want to be pushed news and sales triggers on these companies and people (so you can approach them at the beginning of their buy cycles) or follow industry topics and trends. 10 seconds.

In less time than it takes to drink that cup of coffee, you’ve just done the kind of market and opportunity segmentation that most sales, marketing, research and sales ops teams only dream about. You’ve now got your own search engine for sales opportunities.

You can learn more here: Watch the video

If you’d like to to learn how AI can help you grow your business faster -by focusing your sales and marketing efforts on high probability companies and opportunities, get in contact with me. Happy to have a chat.

Be Fearless my friends!

Companybook is the world’s first AI Growth Engine that increases the number of high probability opportunities for sales to pursue. We identify your ‘true’ addressable market by providing company focused searches with instant access to company data sourced from the web. Our Smart Search and Smart Match patent pending algorithms identify previously unknown opportunities in niche and emerging markets. Be fearless – conquer a new world of opportunities with the smartest AI sales assistant by your side.